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tsop_icon_keyboard_36x36.pngB-11X Multi-timbral Synth/Organ





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" (...) B11X is unlike any synth I’ve come across recently..."

"Sound On Sound" Magazine
July 2015

* * *

files/TSOP Common/layout/img/EiS_01-15_front-cover.jpg

" (...) TSOP B-11X took a lot of effort to complete,
but the result is a true masterpiece among
available NI KONTAKT instruments.
(...) it deserves our special recommendation."

Estrada i Studio 01/15 Test


files/TSOP Common/layout/img/EiS_12-14_front-cover.jpg

" (...) as a result we get entirely Polish product
having the sound that is difficult to mimic
using popular synthesizers."

Estrada i Studio 12/14 News