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Welcome to T.S.O.P.

TSOP's mission is to deliver Polish instruments and sound idioms to musicians everywhere. We work to find and elaborate the most unique sounds and devices to give you an opportunity to know them and to use them in your own productions. We hope, our products will be useful tools.

files/TSOP PL/layout/img/commercials/B-11X_electro_series_badge_1-0.pngWe provide you with the products inspired by Polish electronic instruments – the sounds from Central Europe that have never been sampled previously. Polish electronic instruments make rather short history. Since 60's there have been only few models released which didn't conquer European and World markets at the time. They weren't known wider than small groups of domestic musicians.

According to the information we've collected, the instruments had been designed solely by Polish engineers and assembled from Polish electronic components, plastic and copper, and it probably got a unique coloration of sound thanks to these factors. Now you can use the timbres that have never been heard before in any digial form that results from bold concepts of passionate engineers as well as economic restraints of past times. Despite many years that have passed since releasing the last analog item, the organ have not been available as a professional digital sound library until now. We hope to fill this gap with this highly usable tool dedicated for everyone seeking originality in today's crowded pro-audio market.

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