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tsop_icon_keyboard_36x36.pngB-11X Multi-timbral Synth/Organ

Never before sampled Polish electronic instrument

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• Professional Sound Library for NI KONTAKT 5 and KONTAKT 5 PLAYER (both WIN and MAC).

• 810 ready to use and fully editable Factory Presets

• Exact replica of the genuine device with high quality samples of all generators and pitches.

• T.S.O.P. eXtended - the set of stylish effects extending capabilites of the original device.

• Factory Presets in styles of: Classic Pop, New Pop, Dance and Techno, Vintage Rock, Grunge and Metal, Jazz and Blues, Funky and Fusion, Movie Soundtrack, Hip-Hop, Sci-Fi.

• Nine preset types: Pad, Lead, Organ, Piano, Mallet, Bass, Stab, Noise, Soundscape.

• Great variety of New Retro timbres, musically usable noises and distortions, rich sound textures.


B-11X Features

B-11X Introduction Video Tutorial

B-11X Live Performance Demo

B-11X Live Performance Demo

B-11X Presets Panel

Factory Presets Panel

Presets panel controls let you load and save User Presets, browse Factory Presets, and add selected presets to Favourites in order to quickly access them. Every preset aggregates all settings from every panel: Instrument, Effects, Applications. Exact control positions of each knob and slider is stored, even if they do not apply to signal processing at the moment. Loading a preset does not block any control in its position so you can reset them right after successful load. No hidden or personal data is stored with a preset.

B-11X Instrument Panel

Instrument Panel

The Instrument panel is actually the virtual replica. It consists of main instrument sections and controls – organ registers, synth generators, volume sliders and effects that have been reconstructed. It includes 4 voice sections: Flute, Solo, Tremolo, Percussion, the volume control section and the effect section. B-11X's basic sound is mixed from signals of each section. A single voice channel consists of knobs and sliders aligned vertically inside a section frame.

The Instrument panel is the product of our Virtual Analog technology – an exact model of the analog source. By bypassing all effects and setting up volume controls to their default values, you get the direct sound of the genuine analog device, without digital processing, normalization and filtering.

B-11X Effect Panel

Effects Panel

The Effects panel combines various types of effects, filters and modulators, greatly expanding genuine device features. Every module has been carefully designed to match sound characteristics of the original. It also provides a kind of answer for an interesting design question: “How might the original instrument sound when upgraded with the most recent technical solutions at the time?”. Our enhanced virtual replica has become very flexible, very musical, good sounding and easy to program thanks to the extra effects. It wouldn't be possible to create many factory preset without these additional modules. It wouldn't be easy to match music genre requirements either.

B-11X Applications Panel

Applications Panel

The Applications panel includes two modules: the Block Chord Harmonizer and the Keyswitches. Both modules have been designed by TSOP in order to extend B-11X MIDI control capabilities. the Block Chord Harmonizer automatically creates block chords based on the root notes you play on the keyboard, opening up a new palette of musical colors. You don't have to know much about musical harmony to start creating quite advanced block chord structures. We built in a number of ready-to-use chord templates triggered with a single key press. You can also control the Harmonizer by means of the second module – the Keyswitches. The module provides eight programmable function keys you can set up as you like.

B-11X Help Panel

Help Panel

The Help panel is simply a block diagram of the virtual instrument. It basically illustrates B-11X signal flows. We use widely recognized graphic symbols to mark modules, generator, control points, switches and their relationships. The image serves as a quick reference card before you delve into product documentation.